MedalFolders 2.0

MedalFolders is a launcher providing you with quick access to your favorite apps
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MedalFolders is an application launcher for Windows. You can add to the launcher the applications that you use more often. However, it does not add those applications automatically.
When you want to add an application to the launcher, simply drag and drop its shortcut to the MedalFolders' window. You will also have the possibility to change the name of the shortcut in the menu. Once this is done, the application's icon and name will be shown in the MedalFolders' menu whenever you click on the tray icon; and you will be able to launch any program from the menu.
MedalFolders is as basic as applications come these days. It has a simple and nice graphical user interface and is very easy to use. Though, I should say, it is rather limited in functions. MedalFolders does not allow you to perform any other action than add an application to it. You can't sort the added applications any way. Another feature MedalFolders lacks is the ability to access the applications through hotkeys. Still, as the launcher is free and provides you with quick access to your favorite applications, it is worth a try.

José Fernández
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  • Free
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  • Limited in functions
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